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My first Full Marathon – Techcombank HCM City International Marathon 2017

Today is so hot. I did my first full marathon during 6:33:00 (6 hours and 33 minutes) without trainning plan before. We were on start line at 4:30am. So we woke up from 2:30 am to prepare everything.

We were stay at Sai Gon Zoo 4:30 am. Photo Source: Organizing Committee

Some Kenyan came and join Techcombank HCM City International Marathon 2017.  Photo Source: Organizing Committee

From start line to 10km, I’m fun run with my pacer around 7:30 or 7:45. I enjoy this time with all my friends. But it’s too slowly with me and my legs feeling tired. Then from 10km to 20km I think I should run around 6:45. I did it.

We move our ass on Vo Van Kiet boulevard

Conquer the bridge. Photo Source: Organizing Committee

This time I met many many friends (runner) on the road so I’m so excited and not felling tired. We were cheering each other. We told each other from far away: “hey, hey, keep going”! “Move your ass”. We were smile and we tap hand each other to give more power.

Photo Source: Organizing Committee

15 km – Still “đẹp”. Photo: Khai Ta

(~24km) I was on Ton Duc Thang Street. Behind me is Khanh Hoi brigde. Photo: Khai Ta

I met Marcel Lennartz 2 times and we hug each other. Last time I met him I told to “Marcellll, I love you”. Lol. Bcs I see him at my 33 km (41km of him). I think I almost finish like him. I din’t know last 10km is hell.

“Marcel – The only marathon runner that smiles for the entire 42k” – David Shin say that. Photo: Khai Ta

A foreign participant on the race. Photo Source: Organizing Committee

From 22 to 28 km I’m feeling boring almost because all of my friend go ahead (not return because of route) so I walk sometimes. This time I met a runner who is run from his house to his office if he have no time for trainning (10km + 10km to back his home).

Photo Source: Organizing Committee

My back get hurt from 35km to 42 so I almost cry. Then I walk – run – walk and walk – walk – walk 😂😂.

Nắng như cờ hó, đoạn này muốn khóc. Runner dìu nhau lết về. I almost cry in this moment because It’s too hot.

At 39km, I say if I finish now, medal is not meaning. I don’t need medal. I only want finish to end of this hell. Lol. Then I walk with my new friend on the road to finish line. Yesterday I had a fever. So I’m not run by all my energy.

Run a marathon is winning the mental. No pain. No gain.

I stop 2 times and sit beside the road to check my legs and take a rest. Yeah, I sit 2 times then I walked many times. If my back no hurt I was done sooner.
I use 2 electrolytes (Salt Stick, right?) + 3 pack of gels (1 hummer gel + 2 gels from Khai. I dont remember name of gels) + a half banana.
Thank God bcs I have hummer gels. No snacks at the stop. Only a station have banana. But many many water station. It’s enough. People who is runner join FM should know the way support themself on the road. But this race give every runner a pack of gel + electrolytes  I love them who were hosted this race 😘😘😘

The day before this race: I had a fever but when I take my BIB, I enjoy my time. Running make us happy 😛

I only have ticket 2 weeks ago and my work too busy for trainning. So I only trainning with:
+ one time on treadmill (10km)
+ 3 times workout
+2 times running around 5km at Nguyen Hue and Hoa Lu satdium (with Kelly Pham)
+ one time run with around 8km 😅😅😅.
+ Sometimes I walked from my house to my office (total 4 km per day).
+ 2 times I walk from my house to Hoa Lư stadium (total 2km per day)
What I mean my trainning have no long run. But I always move my ass by my legs when I went out.

10km during 59 minutes 50 seconds nonstop on treadmill

I ate healthy food from last week so it give me more energy. Healthy food help u 70% your result. (This pic only a dinner at my wekeend).

I think I’m done bcs a part of reason: I ate healthy food from last week so it give me more energy. Healthy food help u 70% your result. This is what I ate: sweet potatoes, black bread, sugarless milk, boiled egg (white), grapes, boiled chicken thighs, salad, orange juice without sugar, no beer, no alcohol, no beef, no pork, no pasta… It’s not to eat white starch. Workout 45 minutes every morning.

I have mistake. I choose “Male” for my gender. so I’am 321/362 male. And If they ranked by age 18 – 29, I ranked 72nd.

Lol. When I rigister I have mistake. I choose “Male” for my gender. so I’am 321/362 male. And If they ranked by age 18 – 29, I ranked 72nd. Thank God because I got a Female T-Shirt. Till the end I did it. Maybe next time will be better. Now is time for rest.

My skin have 2 colours after this race

Thank you all my friends I met on the road and give me more power.
Big thank to all my pacer anh Nguyen Quang Truong, a Nguyễn Quang Thành, a. Trần Đình Minh Anh. A Quỳnh Nhật.
Big thank your support Tạ Khải😊

Em lấy tên vs số điện thoại sếp ghi vào phần thông tin liên lạc người thân nếu lỡ có bị hốt xác vào bệnh viện ạ  lầy quá mà thôi kệ, kaka

Big thank my boss Lam Nguyen bcs you always supported my dreams. You have important position to save my life..
Best important big thank to my dear sister Thi Thuan Tran from my heart for everything 
Not many pictures with everyone.

A race is a Tet holiday with us. Photo Source: Organizing Committee

Photo Source: Organizing Committee

A Kenyan athlete on the race. Photo Source: Organizing Committee

Now I’m a marathoner

Wokup at 2:30 am. What I mean I wanna back my bed

Thank you all my friends I met on the road and give me more power.

Tone sur tone nè

Thank my dear bro bcs you are my nice background

Yeah, U know what? The day after marathon not easy :))

The day after marathon, I think I never join again. But I know the fact is that one next month If you give me this question: Do you join next time? I’ll say: Yes :))

Hey FM, see you next time :))


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