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Da Nang International Marathon 2017 – Chạy cái Haft Marthon thứ 5

Da Nang International Marathon 2017

Okay. To be honest, 15km enough for fun with me. 21km was fun when i’m trainning but it’s really a challenge in a big race. Special is the end of 3km. U never know your limited if u never join a big marathon race. If you trainning u can rest whenever, if u race u can’t rest whenever u want.

However after I cross the finish line, I see that half marathon is not too difficult. In the race, you knowthat you finish or DNF (do not finish), then it (a difficult journey) finally come to an end. Longer Daily life has many solving very difficult math problems. 

But I have to say is running has changed my life completely. Running make my life better. I am grateful for it every day.
For all of today.


Before starting time

Da Nang International Marathon 2017

With Preeti Lalwani Singh – A Girl I met while i’m in Hội An night before the race. When I finished, I meet her again.

The day before the race. Take my BIB & Selfie

Lien Tran & Lien Pham – Double Lien

My friend from Vietrunners club

My friends from Da Nang. Love them so much bcs they join with me

With Tot Truong – from RUN.CLUB

                                                                                                                                                                                                            My fifth half marathon. #DINM2017


For someone wanna know about this Race. Website:

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